Marketing Accounting Metrics

Welcome to the Marketing Accounting Metrics and Financial Analysis Tutorial

This online tutorial is a required part of the course you are taking at your university. It teaches market planning and key business process and profitability metrics that every business should employ. The average self-study time is 16-20 study hours. For maximum results you should spread your study time over 2-3 weeks.

First, read the text and complete the study questions. Then complete the eight interactive, step by step spreadsheets. Sign up in class for the fifty question multiple-choice exam. Twenty five of the exam questions are selected from the study questions in the text, and the rest are variations on the study questions and answers presented in the spreadsheets.

What you should do

  1. Register online and pay for the tutorial, above ($40.00).
  2. Download the MAmetrics PDF and Excel spreadsheets.
  3. Complete the text and spreadsheets, sign-up for the exam in class.
  4. Discover how easy it is to develop your analytic and spreadsheet skills, make more profitable decisions and increase shareholder value.

How to Pay for the Course

If Your Section of MAR3023 is using Marketing Principles and Processes (MP&P) as its text:

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If Your Section of MAR3023 is NOT using Marketing Principles and Processes as its text:
The MAmetrics text must be paid for at through PayPal®. As part of the registration process, you will be automatically directed to the PayPal® website. Problems with your payment should be addressed with PayPal® directly (888 221-1161). This is for your personal security.