Marketing Accounting Metrics

Certificate Examination

If you score 90% or more you will be awarded a Marketing Accounting Metrics and Financial Analysis competency certificate that will be handed out on the last day of class. A score of 96% will earn a High Pass and a score of 98% or 100% will earn a Pass with Distinction.

Twenty-five of the fifty multiple-choice and true/false questions in the exam are drawn from the study questions in the Marketing Accounting Metrics text. The remaining 25 questions are similar to the study questions contained in the spreadsheets. The sample exam makes it very clear what you can expect in the exam and it presents questions asked and answered in the text and spreadsheets.

The location of the exam is listed in your course syllabus. Your teacher will circulate a sign-up sheet for your lab exam time at least two weeks before the week the exam is conducted. You are responsible for remembering the time and place of the exam. If you arrive late you will not be allowed entry and you will have to take the exam at a later specified time.

Your assigned computer in the computer lab will provide access to the tutorial spreadsheets, and you will receive a hard copy of the exam which you return with your Scantron answer sheet. Please bring a pencil and fill out the Scantron sheet correctly with your name and University ID.