Marketing Accounting Metrics

Marketing is about customers, processes and profits.

Marketing accounting is about measuring customer behavior, key business processes and key profitability outcomes, and then managing them all together with the help of a suite of Marketing Accounting metrics (MAmetrics) spreadsheets. You will use these materials* not only in this course but also throughout your business career.

This self-study tutorial is comprised of a 5-section, 35-page text with study questions at the end of each section, followed by eight interactive, step-by-step spreadsheets with study questions and answers. You can read and download descriptions of the text and spreadsheets, how they fit together, the MAmetrics Student Guide and more, here.



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You'll need Adobe Reader to download the course Text files and Microsoft Excel (or Open Office Calc) to view and download the course Spreadsheets.

First, download the complete text and all spreadsheets. Next, read the text and review the study questions and answers at the end of each section. Then study the spreadsheets in order. Please do not ask your instructor for help; the answers are provided right there for you to check your work. A sample exam is also available to download and practice. The multiple-choice exam is given in an assigned computer lab or as announced by your instructor.

*Upon purchase and subject to US copyright laws