Marketing Accounting Metrics

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S1. Variance Analysis measures the difference between the actual and expected performance of business processes, so that a marketer can make needed improvements in planning and implementation.
S2. Margin Analysis explains and computes margins, mark-ups and mark-downs in supply-chains and distribution channels. Marketers MUST be able to understand these terms and compute these metrics.
S3. Price Change Analysis calculates the amount that sales volume must change in order to match the effect of a product's price increase or decrease on its total dollar contribution to fixed costs and profit.
S4. Price Setting Analysis enables a marketer to compute the target market share and sales needed to achieve the required return on investment or dollar profit goal, given the cost structure and proposed price.
S5. Product-line Analysis shows the effect of adding a new product on growing the entire market, on competitors' market share and on the market share and profitability of existing company products.
S6. Marketing Mix Value Analysis teaches present value analysis and how to calculate the shareholder value creation (capital creation) potential of various elements of the market mix.
S7 Customer and Salesperson Present Value Analysis Teaching Goal: Learn what is involved in calculating the present value and capital creation potential of a customer. Learn the importance of customer retention in determining customer profitability. Also how to evaluate whether adding a new salesperson would create or destroy capital.
S8. Relationship Analysis explains the use of correlation analysis and graphing in relating one marketing metric to another, such as product differentiation and profitability, or advertising frequency and sales.